Bill Shorten's AWU gave $100,000 to GetUpBill Shorten's AWU gave $100,000 to GetUp

Bill Shorten's AWU gave $100,000 to GetUp

If there was ever any doubt about GetUp’s motivations, it has been revealed that Bill Shorten was a founding board member and his union, the AWU, provided seed funding to GetUp.

From The Australian:

“Bill Shorten was a big union donor to GetUp! when it was ­established, giving about $100,000, possibly more, to the left-leaning activist group.”

The report goes on to reveal that Shorten was “personally behind an AWU donation of about $100,000 and 'the only union' to provide seed funding among four big donors when GetUp!’s co-founders sought start-up capital.”

GetUp pays lip service to being independent, yet it has overtly and relentlessly campaigned for left-wing causes and against Coalition governments and candidates.

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