The Truth About GetUp

Left wing activist group GetUp was founded in Australia in 2005. Bill Shorten was a founding board member and his union, the AWU, provided seed funding.
GetUp pretends that it is non-partisan, yet they have overtly campaigned for left-wing causes and against Coalition governments and candidates.
It has publicly boasted about “going after” Liberal members of Parliament and defeating Liberal MPs.
Last year, GetUp spent more than $14 million in its efforts to defeat the Government.
Despite campaigning for a ban on foreign political donations, GetUp have received more than $300,000 from foreign sources.
Reportedly, GetUp have even taken donations from groups linked to the former Soviet Union.

Is GetUp Independent?

Fact #1: GetUp received seed funding from the AWU, led by Bill Shorten.
Fact #2: Bill Shorten was a founding board member of GetUp
Fact #3: In 2010, GetUp received a $1.12 million donation from the CFMEU, to attack Liberals.
Fact #4: In 2007, GetUp ran a how-to-vote website which asked voters questions and advised them who to vote for. No matter how questions were answered, it always advised to put Coalition candidates last. The Electoral Commission labelled the website "misleading and deceptive".
Fact #5: GetUp Board members have strong links to the ALP.
The previous National Director, went on to work for Bill Shorten. His predecessor became a Greens candidate.